Fresh Violence Erupts In Manipur Ahead Of Elections, 2 Injured

Imphal: Violence erupted in Manipur’s Heirok and Pallel areas sparking tension across the region. In Heirok, an exchange of fire broke out between unidentified armed men and ‘village defence volunteers’.

According to reports, the exchange of fire began on Thursday evening in Heirok and adjacent areas, resulting in injuries to two village defence volunteers. Subsequently, villagers and volunteers retaliated against the armed group, managing to repel them after climbing a nearby hill where the gunfire originated.

Security forces, including Manipur Police commandos, arrived at the scene to restore order.

Meanwhile, in Pallel, unidentified individuals set fire to a sawmill. Security forces launched a search operation, arresting three suspects. Weapons and ammunition were recovered from their possession.

These incidents come amid heightened tensions in Manipur following ethnic clashes that began in May 2023. The conflict pits the Kuki-Zo tribes, dominant in the southern hills, against the Meitei community, the majority in the valley. Disputes over land rights, resource allocation, affirmative action policies, and political representation have fueled the violence which has claimed over 220 lives and displaced thousands.

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