Hospitals Turn Into Hotels as Ind Vs Pak Cricket Fever Grips Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Cricket fever has gripped Ahmedabad in such a way ahead of Saturday’s World Cup clash between India and Pakistan that some cricket fans have started to use the hospitals near the venue of the match for a night’s stay.

As per reports, some hospitals in Ahmedabad have a sudden influx of patients booked in for check-ups involving a night’s stay that coincides with the much awaited World Cup match.

According to some doctors, some people have started using check-up ‘packages’ of hospitals as an ingenious way to find affordable accommodation because hotel costs have soared up to 20 fold ahead of this World Cup match.

“We have come across some cases of people coming to watch the India-Pakistan match also taking an appointment for health check-ups and staying in hospitals,” said Tushar Patel, president of the Ahmedabad Medical Association.

The Ahmedabad Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association has discouraged its members from accommodating such fans. “We have asked our members not to entertain such requests. Hospitals are not meant for non-patients,” its president Bharat Gadhavi said.

Airfare to Ahmedabad has surged up to four times and Indian Railways will run a pair of super fast trains linking Mumbai and Ahmedabad ahead of the match.

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