Israel Regains Control Over Gaza Border, Combined Death Toll Crosses 3000

On Wednesday, the fifth day of the war between Israel and Hamas terrorists, the Israeli Defence Force has announced that they have regained control of southern Israel, bordering Gaza.

Meanwhile, the combined death toll of Hamas’s attack on Israel and the retaliatory air raids in Gaza has crossed 3,000.

Israel has announced that its army has recaptured Gaza border areas from Hamas terrorists, where several killings have occurred since the Palestinian group launched its attack.

The overnight air strikes by Israel targeted the home of the father of Mohammad Deif, the Hamas military commander, in the Qizan-an-Najjar neighbourhood of Gaza.

According to the Israel Defence Force, the first plane with ‘advanced’ ammunition from the United States has landed in Israel’s Nevatim airbase. The US government had earlier vowed “rock solid and unwavering” support to Israel.

The total blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza is continuing. Israel has ordered a ‘complete siege’ on the Gaza Strip, stating that ‘no electricity, no food, no fuel’ will be supplied to the region with over 2.3 million population.

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