“Jan 22 is the Dawn of a New Era”, PM Modi on Ram Temple

Ayodhya: “Today, our Ram has finally arrived after generations of waiting. On this auspicious occasion, I congratulate everyone. There’s so much to say but, but there’s a lump in my throat,” the Prime Narendra Modi said while addressing the large gathering after the ‘pran pratistha’ rituals at the grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

He reiterated that Ram Lalla will “no longer live in a tent”. According to him this moment of consecration occurred because of the blessing from Lord Ram. He said, January 22 is “not a date on a calendar, but the dawn of a new era”.

He equated the consecration ceremony with breaking free of a mindset of slavery. He described the historic moment as a blessing for all as we are alive to witness this historic event.

He also sought forgiveness from the deity and said there must have been some lapse because of which it took so long to reach this moment.



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