Jilted Lover Arrested for Posting Deepfake Photos of Girl

Bengaluru: A 22-year-old youth from Belagavi district in Karnataka was arrested by the police for creating and circulating deepfake photos of a girl and her female friends.

He reportedly resorted to morphing the photos of the girl and her friends with explicit images when she declined his advances.

The accused used AI-generated deepfake software to morph photos of the girl with explicit images. He threatened the girl to share these deepfake photos on social media if she did not accept his proposal.

The accused created a fake social media account in the girl’s name and shared the deepfake images.

The accused is an employee of a private firm in Bengaluru. He was arrested by the cybercrime unit.

Recently the AI-generated deepfake video of actress Rashmika Mandhana went viral on social media.

Even the government has issued a stern warning to social media platforms, highlighting the legal provisions governing such deepfakes and the associated penalties.

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