One Nation, One Election: Law Commission May Propose Simultaneous Polls in 2029

New Delhi: India may be heading towards simultaneous national and state elections in the near future, with the Law Commission, headed by Justice (retd) Ritu Raj Awasthi likely proposing a new chapter in the Constitution to facilitate “One Nation, One Election.” This initiative aims to streamline the country’s complex electoral process and potentially reduce costs, facilitating simultaneous polls by mid-2029.

This ‘special chapter’ will cover aspects such as the feasibility and logistics of simultaneous polls, as well as the establishment of a unified electoral roll encompassing Lok Sabha, state legislative Assemblies, panchayats, and municipalities.

To achieve this synchronization, the Commission plans to implement changes in three phases over the next five years. The initial phase may involve adjusting the terms of certain state assemblies by a few months to align with the proposed schedule.

In the event of a government collapse or a hung House, the Commission suggests forming a “unity government” comprising representatives from multiple parties. If this arrangement fails, fresh elections may be recommended for the remaining term of the House to ensure continuity and stability.

In parallel, a high-level committee, led by former president Ram Nath Kovind, is also exploring ways to implement simultaneous polls through constitutional amendments and legal adjustments.

This move comes at a time when several states are gearing up for upcoming elections, with significant polls in states like Odisha, Maharashtra, Haryana, Bihar, and Delhi shortly.

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