Lok Sabha Speaker Admits Congress’ No-Confidence Motion Against Modi Govt

New Delhi: With more than 50 Opposition MPs showing their support to the motion by standing in their seats, the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla admitted no-confidence against the Narendra Modi led government on Wednesday.

This no-confidence motion was moved by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi on the Manipur issue before 10 am on Wednesday. Major opposition parties TMC, Left, NC, DMK, NCP and JDU supported the motion.

Taking up the notice at noon, the Speaker asked Gogoi to move the motion in the House and show the support of MPs for it to be admitted.

Under Rule 198 of the Lok Sabha procedures, a no-confidence motion to be adopted must receive the backing of 50 members.

Birla admitted the no-confidence and said, after discussing with floor leaders, he will list it for debate and intimate the day and time of the debate to the House.

As per the rules, the Speaker has to list the motion for debate and voting within 10 days of admission.


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