Maldives Govt Suspends 3 Ministers Over Derogatory Remarks on PM Modi and India

Malé: The Maldivian government today suspended 3 ministers who posted derogatory remarks on social media against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The controversial posts, which sparked outrage among Indians, led to some cancelling their planned trips to the Maldives, a popular destination known for its pristine beaches.

In response to the social media uproar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives released a statement affirming the government’s alignment with India’s stance on the matter. The statement announced the suspension of individuals holding government positions who had made insulting posts on social media, without disclosing their identities.

According to local media reports, the suspended ministers include Mariyam Shiuna, Malsha, and Hassan Zihan.

The controversy arose when these ministers, along with other leaders in the Maldives, posted disparaging comments about PM Modi following his sharing of photos and videos from his recent visit to Lakshadweep. PM Modi’s post which went viral, featuring him snorkelling, prompted suggestions on social media to consider Lakshadweep as an alternative tourist destination to the Maldives.

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