Meat Eating Causes Landslides, IIT Mandi Director’s Bizarre Logic

Shimla: IIT Mandi Director Laxmidhar Behera has come up with a bizarre reason to motivate students to take a pledge not to eat meat. He claims that landslides and cloudbursts in Himachal Pradesh are because of meat eating and cruelty to animals.

“Himachal Pradesh will have a significant downfall…if we do. Not stop butchering animals. You are butchering animals there… the innocent animals. It has a symbiotic relationship with the degradation of the environment as well… which you cannot see right now but is there…

“It is having landslides, cloudbursts, and many other things again and again, these are all effects of cruelty on animals…people eat meat,” the IIT Mandi Director Behera said to students, a video clip of which is making rounds on social media.

“To become good human beings, what you have to do? No to meat eating,” he further says to the students asking them to vow not to eat meat.

His statement was criticized by netizens as well as Himachal Congress, who termed it to be promoting superstitions.

In 2022, Behera hit the headlines for claiming that he was involved in an act of exorcism to rid his friend’s apartment and family of “evil spirits” by chanting “holy mantras”.

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