Mizoram Assembly Election Vote Counting Rescheduled to December 4

New Delhi: The Election Commission of India has made a significant update to the Mizoram Assembly elections’ vote counting schedule. Initially set for December 3, the counting of votes has now been rescheduled to take place on December 4. This decision was prompted by ongoing protests organized by the Mizoram NGO Coordination Committee (NGOCC) in the state.

The NGOCC had previously conveyed their dissatisfaction with the original counting date, citing concerns that December 3 falls on a Sunday—a day considered sacred for Christians, who constitute a majority in Mizoram. In response to these sentiments and to address the religious significance of Sunday, the Election Commission opted to push the counting date by a day.

The adjustment aims to accommodate the religious sentiments of the majority population and promote a fair and inclusive electoral process. It reflects the Election Commission’s responsiveness to the concerns raised by the Mizoram NGO Coordination Committee and underscores their commitment to ensuring a smooth and considerate election process.

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