No-Confidence Motion: Amit Shah Addresses Manipur Violence, Slams Opposition for Playing Politics

New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah addressed the issue of Manipur violence during the Lok Sabha’s no-confidence motion debate today. He emphasized that while the ongoing violence is concerning, playing politics over a sensitive matter is even more regrettable. Shah accused the opposition of avoiding genuine debate and exploiting the issue for political gains.

Defending Manipur Government’s Stability

Shah defended Manipur’s BJP government, which has maintained stability for six years without imposing curfews or blockades. He dismissed calls for the state’s CM, N Biren Singh, to resign, asserting that the CM’s cooperation was evident.

Trust in the Government and PM Modi’s Dedication

Amit Shah highlighted the unwavering trust that both the people and the House have in the government. He commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tireless dedication, working 17 hours a day without breaks, making him the most popular leader post-Independence.

Government’s Track Record of Achievements

The Home Minister underscored the government’s track record of achievements, citing over fifty historic decisions in nine years. He contrasted the BJP’s principled politics with the UPA’s corruption-laden approach, mentioning initiatives like the Ujjwala scheme and toilet construction.

Empowering Farmers and Self-Reliance in Defence Production

Shah emphasized the BJP’s farmer-centric approach, opting for direct transfers to farmers’ bank accounts to empower them instead of loan waivers. He highlighted the government’s commitment to self-reliance in defence production, contributing to an “Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

Opposition and Rahul Gandhi’s Leadership Failures

Drawing attention to the opposition, Shah subtly referred to Rahul Gandhi’s repeated failures in leadership attempts. He recounted the Congress’ failure to improve the life of a distressed widow despite publicizing their efforts, contrasting it with the BJP’s tangible improvements.

Transformation in Kashmir and National Security

Amit Shah noted the transformation in Kashmir since 2014, focusing on eradicating terrorism and engaging with the youth. He highlighted the decline in stone-pelting incidents and the prohibition of the PFI for national security.

Article 370 and Integration of Jammu and Kashmir

Shah attributed Article 370 to Jawaharlal Nehru’s mistakes and praised PM Modi’s decision to integrate Jammu and Kashmir into India, leading to significant progress in curbing terrorism in the region.

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