Now Only Certified Snake Handlers Can Rescue Snakes, Odisha Govt Issues Guidelines

Bhubaneswar: New guidelines for the rescue and release of snakes from human habitats by snake handlers were issued by the Odisha Forest, Environment and Climate Change Department.

Letters in this regard have been issued to the Additional Special Relief Commissioner, PCCF of the Forest Department, PCCF of Wildlife Division, the Managing Director of OSDMA, all the RCCFs, Collectors and DFOs.

As per the new norms, only certified snake handlers are permitted to carry out all snake rescue and release operations in the State, by following the guidelines, failing which will invite penal actions as per the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Rescue of snakes shall be attempted only in such cases where their presence is a threat to life. For example, inside the house or in close vicinity of its presence is life-threatening.

The certified snake handlers are volunteers and Odisha Forest Department will not have any obligation for effecting any payment towards their services.

Anyone causing hindrance to the completion of rescue by a certified snake handler is liable to penal action. Creating mob panic, showing off the rescued snake(s) publicly and any other public display with the snakes, even by the snake handler himself, will be liable to penal action.


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