Now People Above 65-Yrs Can Buy Health Insurance

New Delhi: As per the new directive of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI), one can buy health insurance even if they are older than 65.

To make the coverage more accessible, the IRDAI has removed the 65-year age limit for purchasing health insurance. It enables the healthcare system to accommodate everyone, regardless of age, to protect against unexpected medical costs.

Earlier, people could only get new insurance until 65.

Now, anyone can buy health insurance irrespective of age. This new rule will be effective from April 1.

Additionally, there is no cap on covering AYUSH treatments, including Ayurveda and Yoga, while benefit-based policyholders can file multiple claims with different insurers.

The new regulation also establishes a specialised channel for handling complaints and claims from senior citizens, ensuring their needs are addressed promptly.

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