Breathtaking Skies Above Kartavya Path: 54 Aircraft Including French Jets Paint Republic Day Canvas

New Delhi: In a spectacular display during the 75th Republic Day ceremony at Kartavya Path, 54 aircraft, including three from the French Air and Space Force, participated in a grand salute flypast. The event featured various formations and mid-air acrobatics, captivating the spectators.

The flypast commenced with the impressive ‘Prachand’ formation, followed by formations like ‘Tangail,’ ‘Arjan,’ ‘Netra,’ and ‘Varuna,’ showcasing a variety of aircraft, including helicopters and fighter jets. Noteworthy formations included the ‘Bheem’ formation and the ‘Diamond’ formation featuring four Tejas aircraft.

The ‘Vajraang’ formation showcased six Rafale aircraft flying in a ‘Marut’ formation, adding to the visual spectacle. The culmination of the flypast featured three Su-30 Mk-I aircraft in the ‘Trishul’ formation, flying at 900 kmph over the water channel north of Kartavya Path. The Rafale aircraft also demonstrated impressive manoeuvres, including the ‘Vertical Charlie’ and multiple turns.

Additionally, the French Air and Space Force contributed to the ceremony with two Rafale fighter jets and an Airbus A330 Multi-Role Transport Tanker (MRTT) flying in a triangle formation. These aircraft, originating from the 104 “Al Dhafra” air base in the UAE, brought a rich history, tracing their unit’s roots back to World War I and II.

The ‘Phoenix’ MRTT, capable of refuelling two fighters simultaneously or a single surveillance aircraft, concluded the aerial display, showcasing its impressive capability to carry up to 110 tons of fuel.

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