Stranded in Delhi for 2 Days, Canada PM Justin Trudeau’s Plane Takes Off Today

New Delhi: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could at last take off from New Delhi at 1pm on Tuesday.

The technical issue with his plane was resolved and the plane has been cleared to fly, said Canadian PM’s press secretary Mohammad Hussain in a statement.

Trudeau along with the Canadian delegation was stranded for two days after the G20 Summit as their Airbus SE plane developed major technical snag.

The plane drama only added to Trudeau’s woes in his travel to India. Trudeau had been publicly criticised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly allowing the “anti-India activities of extremist elements in Canada,” a reference to pro-Khalistanis.

Back home, Trudeau’s travel delays also stirred debate about the crumbling nature of Canada’s state infrastructure.

The Airbus A310s that carry Trudeau and other top officials abroad date back to the 1980s are so old that they require refueling stops.


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