Two Swedish Nationals Shot Dead by Suspected Terrorist in Belgium’s Brussels

Two Swedish nationals were shot dead and a third person was injured in Belgium’s Brussels, in a suspected terrorist attack. Following this incident, the Belgium-Sweden Euro 2024 qualifier football match organized in Brussels was abandoned.

Brussels was put on high alert as the gunman behind the killing of Swedes has not been apprehended.

According to Belgian authorities, a man claiming to be the attacker had said in a video on social media that he had been inspired by the Islamic State group.

This video clip shows an Arabic-speaking man saying he carried out the attack in the name of God and that he killed three people.

Another video of the shootout is making rounds in which a man arrives on a scooter in an orange fluorescent vast, drops the bike and immediately takes out a large weapon and opened fire on passersby. Apart from the two Swedes who were killed, a local taxi driver was hurt.

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