Underworld Don Ameer Balaj Tipu Shot Dead in Pakistan’s Lahore

Ameer Balaj Tipu, an underworld don of Pakistan’s Lahore, who also owned a goods transport network, was fatally shot by an unidentified assailant during a wedding ceremony in the Chung area on February 18, reported Dawn.

His father Arif Amir, alias Tipu Truckanwala, was shot dead in a similar manner in 2010 at the Allama Iqbal airport. The family has history of violent feuds as Balaj’s grandfather had also been embroiled in an age-old feud, reported Dawn.

According to the Pakistan police, the assailant fired at Balaj and two other guests, critically injuring them. Balaj’s armed associates killed the attacker in retaliatory fire. Balaj died at Jinnah Hospital in Lahore.

Lahore police have sealed off the area and initiated a thorough investigation into the incident. No arrests have been made, as per reports. The reason behind this killing is being investigated.

Ameer Balaj Tipu was one of the most feared men in Lahore’s underworld.

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