US Govt Hiding UFOs, Bodies of Aliens, Claims Ex-US Intelligence Official

The American authorities are covering up the evidence related to aliens and UFOs, testified a former US intelligence officer David Grusch before a congressional committee on Wednesday.

He claimed that the US government is in possession of unidentified anomalous phenomenon, or UAPs (earlier called UFOs) as well as remains of their operators (aliens).

He said, the US government is hiding information on UAPs not only from the public but from Congress, and that he “personally interviewed” people with direct knowledge of non-human craft.

According to him, during his official duties, he came across a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program.

But Grusch repeatedly said he will not divulge more in a public setting because the information is classified.

But the head of the Pentagon office set up to identify UAPs that pose a potential threat told lawmakers earlier this year it had not identified signs of alien activity.

NASA held its first public meeting on UAPs in May.


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