Wild Elephant Tramples Woman to Death in Sundargarh Dist

Bhubaneswar:  A wild tusker trampled a woman to death in Dengula village under Koida police limits in Sundargarh district on Thursday morning.

According to reports, this wild elephant had entered the Dengula village on Wednesday night in search of food. It had searched around for paddy and other harvests to eat.

On Thursday morning, the wild pachyderm broke the wall of a house and lifted up a woman from the house with its trunk. Her panicked family members could not do anything to save her from the clutches of the elephant.

The elephant banged the poor woman on the ground and crushed her with its feet. She died on the spot.

Forest officials have rushed to the village to shoo away the wild elephant proximity of the village. Villagers demanded proper compensation for the family of the woman killed in the elephant attack.

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