YouTuber’s Tussle With Rivals Suspected to Have Led to Arson at Visakhapatnam Jetty

Visakhapatnam: It is suspected that rivalry against a YouTuber may be the reason behind the major fire accident fire at a Visakhapatnam jetty. Around 25 boats worth Rs 5 crore were destroyed in this fire.

According to reports, Visakhapatnam police is now interrogating a young YouTuber to get to the bottom of the huge fire at the harbour. It is suspected that rivalry against a young YouTuber who shot to fame by sharing fishing videos may have led his rivals to opt for this arson.

According to the police, in recent past, this YouTuber was involved in a fight with some people over a monetary dispute. It is possible that his rivals set fire to one of his boats anchored at the harbour.

The fire spread to other boats and at least 25 boats were burnt down. Most of the boats had tanks full of diesel and LPG cylinders used for cooking food while at sea. Added to it, the nets are also flammable. So, the fire spread out fast and was hard to contain.

Fire engines could not douse the fire. A Navy vessel managed to douse the flames using a combination of sand, foam and chemicals.

As each boat costs around Rs 15 lakh, so the total loss is nearly Rs 5 crore.

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