Bangladeshi Hilsa to Flood Indian Market This Durga Puja

New Delhi: Around 4000 metric tonnes of Bangladeshi hilsa fish will reach the Indian market during the Durga Puja festive season this year.

The Bangladesh government has permitted traders to sell nearly 4,000 metric tonnes of Hilsa to India in October ahead of the festive Durga Puja season.

Large quantities of hilsa fish are procured from from Bangladesh’s Padma and Meghna rivers and from Chandpur where the two rivers meet. They are quite popular for their exquisite taste.

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Bangladesh’s Chief Controller of Imports and Exports issued licences to 79 exporters. Each of these exporters are allowed to supply 50 metric tonnes of hilsa to India.

Sheikh Hasina had taken an initiative a few years ago to allow exports of Hilsa ahead of the Durga Puja on a request by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as part of what is now referred to as “Hilsa diplomacy.

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