Malaysia’s New Billionaire King Owns 300 Luxury Cars Including One Gifted by Hitler

Johor Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar will ascend the throne in Malaysia to become the new King of the country. The wealth of this 65-year-old new sultan is estimated to be a staggering $5.7 billion by Bloomberg.

Sultan Ibrahim has invested in various projects ranging from real estate and mining to telecommunications and palm oil.

He owns over 300 luxury cars. One of these cars is a vintage gifted by Adolf Hitler. He owns a fleet of private jets, including a gold-and-blue Boeing 737. His family has a private army.

His holdings include a 24% stake in U Mobile, one of Malaysia’s major cell service providers. His additional investments in private and public companies total $588 million.

He also owns $4 billion worth of land in Singapore. , including Tyersall Park, an expansive area adjacent to the Botanic Gardens.



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