Monthly Fee for Using X (Twitter) in Future, Hints Elon Musk

After renaming Twitter as X, Elon Musk plans to collect monthly fees from users of X might have to pay a small monthly fee to use it.

According to Musk, this move is to be initiated to deal with the rising problem of fake accounts, also known as bots.

But Musk has not announced anything about the amount of this fee that users would have to pay to use X.

According to Musk, X now has 550 million users who use the platform every month and create somewhere between 100 to 200 million posts every day.

But it is not known how many of them are real people and are not bots.

After purchasing Twitter for $44 billion, Musk made significant changes to the platform. Now, if you pay a fee, you get a blue badge next to your name, and your posts get more visibility. If you don’t pay, your posts may not get as much attention.

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