Open this account in the name of your wife: get 44,793 rupees per month, know the process

New Delhi: If you want to make your wife self-reliant, so that regular income will come in your absence and she will not have to depend on anyone for money in future, then you can arrange for her regular income today. For this you should invest in National Pension Scheme.

You can open a New Pension System (NPS) account in your wife’s name. NPS account will give money to your wife after 60 years of age. Along with this, they will get regular income in the form of pension every month. Not only this, you can also decide how much pension your wife will get every month with NPS account. Also, your wife will not be dependent on anyone for money after the age of 60 years. Know more about this scheme.

You can make monthly or yearly deposits in your New Pension System (NPS) account as per your convenience. You can open an NPS account in your wife’s name with just Rs. 1000. NPS account matures at the age of 60 years. According to the new rules, if you want, you can run NPS account even till the age of the wife is 65 years.

For example, if your wife is 30 years old and you invest Rs 5,000 per month in her NPS account. If she earns 10 percent annual return on her investment, she will have a total of Rs. 1.12 crore in her account at the age of 60. From this they will get about 45 Lakh rupees. Apart from this, she will get a pension of Rs 45,000 per month. The most important thing is that they will get this pension for life.

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