Adding a pinch of stale salt can shorten your life, you can die soon

If excess salt is good for your taste then it can prove to be harmful for the body. Due to this you can also get many serious diseases. By consuming too much salt, there is also a fear of reducing your age. While salt increases the taste of your food, on the other hand it can also reduce your lifespan, due to which you may die early. Yes, if you eat separately by adding salt in the top of the food, then be careful, according to a study, it can reduce your age. Let’s know what this study says.

According to European Heart General, people who are 50 years old or older, if they consume more salt, then due to this, the age of women can be reduced by 1.5 years and that of men by 2.2 years. So these people need to be careful and at the same time avoid consuming too much salt.

Excessive intake of salt can shorten your life and you can also die early. According to Every Day Health, people who are 75 years old and they consume more salt, and then the risk of death in these people increases by 28 percent. That is, you can also say that one person out of every 100 dies due to excessive use of salt. In such a situation, let us know that what can be the harm to the body due to excessive consumption of salt.

Magnesium, calcium, sodium and bromide are found in abundance in salt, which helps in keeping the body healthy. But when you start consuming more salt then it starts harming your body. It is not necessary that you are going to add more salt to your body only by adding salt to your food, but even when you take chips, pizza, tacos and snacks from the market, your body is still consuming more salt, which can also be an alarm bell for the body. In such a situation, let us know about the disadvantages of consuming to much salt.

  1. May Increase your stroke risk- Nowadays due to busy and bad lifestyle, you are giving more importance to outside food. In such a situation, you are consuming more package food or ready-to-eat food. Because of this, your chances of having an increased risk of stroke are higher.
  1. Salt also increases blood pressure (BP)’- According to experts, people whose BP keeps on fluctuating, especially they should stay away from salt. If still you do not eat food without salt, then in such a situation, you can use light salt. Eating too much salt can increase your BP, due to which you may also have heart disease.
  1. Increases kidney problem- When you eat too much salt, it affects your kidneys. Due to eating more salt, more amount of water starts coming out from the body through urine. Not only this, due to this your kidney also starts becoming weak and many other diseases also arises from it.
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