Shocking news for the online buyers; this app to shut down

New Delhi: Nowadays almost most people are relying on online shopping. Homegrown social commerce company Meesho has reportedly shut down its grocery business in India. According to media reports, the service, called Superstore, has been shut down in more than 90 percent of India’s cities (except Nagpur and Mysore), suggesting widespread damage. According to media reports, about 300 Meesho workers have lost their jobs due to the company’s decision.

But the company has not yet given any official statement in this regard. Last April, Meesho rebranded Farmiso as Superstore, aiming to meet consumer demand for daily-use products in the business market. In April, the company employed more than 150 people.

In April, the company laid off more than 150 employees, most of them from Farmiso, as it aims to integrate its grocery business into its core platform. Earlier, the social commerce platform also lay off more than 200 employees during the first wave of the corona epidemic.

However, Meesho Superstores were operating in a total of 6 states. According to media reports, the company has decided to shut down its grocery business because of low revenue and high costs in most cities. According to information, Meesho Superstores were operating in these six states Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. According to reports, Meesho has paid two months’ salary to those who were fired.

Meesho recently achieved the goal of 100 million transactional users. Earlier, the company claimed that users transacting on the platform increased 5.5 times since March 2021, while the company’s reach increased nine times to 72 million during the same period.

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