What to Do with Rs 2000 Notes After Last Date to Exchange

New Delhi: The last day for returning or exchanging Rs 2,000 denomination banknote is September 30. From October 1, the Rs 2,000 currency notes will have no value for transactions. But as per the RBI, the Rs 2,000 currency note will remain legal tender even after the September 30 deadline, although they will not be accepted for transactions.

If you still have some Rs 2000 notes with you, then do not get disheartened, from October 1, these notes can now only be exchanged with the RBI.

Individuals can exchange Rs 2000 notes at 19 Regional Offices (ROs) of the RBI.

Therefore, today marks the final opportunity for people to exchange or deposit Rs 2,000 notes at their respective banks without any specific limit. A non-account holder could also exchange the banknotes up to a limit of Rs 20,000 at a time at any bank branch.

However, it is important to note that the usual KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements and other legal deposit norms will still be applicable.


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