Canadian “Poison Man” Assists 117 Suicides in 40 Countries, Now Charged With Murder

A 58-year-old former chef, Kenneth Law, from Ontario, Canada, has allegedly helped around 117 persons across the world to commit suicides. The victims committed suicide using the poison from Law’s websites.

He now faces charges related to helping with suicide and other serious accusations like selling poison. He is connected to multiple deaths. As per the official records and statements, media reports and interviews with families conducted by CBC News, this man is linked to 117 deaths in more than 40 countries.

Kenneth Law is believed to have sent as many as 1,200 packages to people in more than 40 countries since 2020.

In the UK, at least 272 persons bought lethal products from Law’s websites and 88 of them died.

Authorities in New Zealand, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland have all confirmed that the law shipped packages to addresses in their respective countries. Canadian police forces are also reviewing past sudden deaths in light of the allegations against Law.

It is reported that an FBI investigation in the United States against Law is advancing.


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