Corrupted engineer of Rural Development Department got caught red-handed

Patna: Action is going on continuously against corrupt officials in Bihar. In this sequence, the big news is coming out. The team surveillance department has raided the premises of an engineer simultaneously.

Shocking pictures have come out about the raid. A large number of Indian rupee notes have been recovered from the premises of the accused engineer. The surveillance team was also stunned after seeing a large number of Indian notes. This is not the first time that such raids have been conducted in Bihar. Even before this, the monitoring department’s team has conducted raids against corrupt officials. Let us inform you that in Bihar, continuous raiding is being done against the corrupted officials.

According to the information, the monitoring team has raided the premises of the Engineer of the Rural Development Department of Bihar simultaneously. The name of the accused engineer is being told as Sanjay Kumar Rai. The team of the monitoring department has conducted raids in the case of disproportionate assets. Simultaneous raids were conducted at the locations of the engineer at Rupaspur and Kishanganj. A large amount of cash has been recovered from the engineers’ bases in Kishanganj. Seeing such a large number of Indian notes, the members of the team that went to raid were also stunned. Significantly, continuous action is being taken against corrupt officials in Bihar. Raids have been conducted on the property acquired disproportionately from many officers.

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