Delhi Police Crack Blind Murder Case with AI Face Reconstruction, Arrest 4

New Delhi: In a groundbreaking feat, Delhi Police have solved a blind murder case with the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The victim, previously unidentified, was found near the Geeta Colony flyover on January 10th, leaving investigators with no leads.

Employing AI technology, a team of 30 police personnel digitally reconstructed the victim’s face, creating an image with open eyes and a modified background. The image was disseminated through more than 400 strategically placed posters across Delhi, in addition to being shared on digital platforms, including WhatsApp groups, via the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network (CCTN) website.

The innovative approach led to a breakthrough when a man identified the victim as his brother Hitendra upon seeing a poster outside a police station. Further investigation revealed that Hitendra had been involved in a dispute over a woman approximately two months prior. On January 9, the accused individuals, in an inebriated state, confronted and subsequently strangled him to death.

Thanks to the AI-assisted reconstruction and effective distribution of posters, the police successfully identified the victim and apprehended four individuals, including a woman and a cab driver, involved in the case.

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