Fake Lawyer Wins 26 Cases in High Court Before Getting Arrested in Kenya

A Kenyan man named Brian Mwenda falsely portrayed himself as a lawyer practising in the High Court of Kenya and surprisingly managed to argue and secure victories in 26 cases. He was arrested when his fraudulent activity was detected.

This fake lawyer won cases before High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges.

Preliminary investigations suggest that this imposter,

Brian Mwenda exploited the inactivity of a genuine advocate’s status.

Brian Mwenda’s ruse was exposed when the Law Society of Kenya’s (LSK) Nairobi Branch received complaints from the public. Promptly, the Nairobi Branch took action, declaring unequivocally that Mwenda was not a legitimate advocate. They stated that he lacked the necessary license to practice as a lawyer in Kenya.

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