Village Elders Order Killing of 18-Yr-Old Girl in Pakistan for Appearing on Social Media

An 18-year-old girl was shot dead as per orders of the village elders in Pakistan only because she had appeared in a picture on social media.

According to Pakistan police, Jirga or the council of elders ordered that two girls who appeared in the picture, should be killed. One of them was shot dead while police managed to rescue the other. It is an irony that some relatives of the deceased woman are among the suspects.

This incident occurred in the Kolai-Palas district in the mountains of northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border.

Some persons had uploaded pictures of the two girls. The conservative villagers were irked by it and felt it hampered their family honour as Public images of women are considered taboo in the area. For which they preferred to give an order to kill both girls.

Every year, hundreds of women in Islamic Pakistan fall prey to honour killings at the hands of their relatives.

The caretaker chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Syed Irshad Hussain Shah has ordered immediate arrest of the culprits behind the recent honour killing.

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