Watch: Bihar Passengers Hold Thief Attempting Phone Snatching Hanging through Window of Moving Train

Patna: A thief attempting phone snatching from a train passenger through the window was caught and was dragged hanging from the moving train’s window for over one kilometre before his accomplices rescued him.  The whole event was recorded by a mobile camera. The video is now viral on social media.

The undated video is said to be from Bihar. According to the social media post, this thief tried to snatch away the mobile phone of a passenger sitting inside a railway compartment. But the alert passenger caught hold of his hand because of which he was left hanging from the train window. Other passengers also caught hold of the thief’s hand.

A similar incident occurred in Bihar in 2022 when a thief trying to snatch a mobile phone from a train passenger at Sahebpur Kamal station was grabbed by alert passengers. The thief was dragged hanging from the moving train for around 10 kilometres till he was let go near Khagaria.

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