With Rs 41 in Account, Woman Makes Bill of Rs 6 Lakh at Delhi’s Luxury Hotel

New Delhi: A woman from Andhra Pradesh was arrested on charges of cheating a luxury hotel in Delhi of around Rs 6 lakh. Interestingly she was found to have only Rs 41 in her account.

This woman identified as Jhansi Rani Samuel stayed in a luxury hotel in Delhi’s Aerocity and tried to escape after making ‘fraudulent transactions’ although she had only Rs 41 in her bank account.

The woman allegedly stayed at the Pullman Hotel in Aerocity near Delhi Airport by using a fake ID card with the name Isha Dave. She stayed in the hotel for 15 days and her bill was around Rs 6 lakh. It included her spa facility services bills worth Rs 2,11,708. As per reports, she also made fraudulent transactions worth around Rs 5,88,176.

She claimed that she made transactions through the UPI app, but the hotel discovered that their bank didn’t receive any of her payments. Suspecting something fishy, the hotel authorities informed the Delhi police. Samuel was arrested on January 13.

During the initial investigation, the arrested woman claimed to be a doctor and her husband was a New York-based medical professional. Police are yet to ascertain this information.

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