Caretaker Charged in Odisha Businessman’s Murder, Motive Linked to Alleged Affair

Bhubaneswar: Two days after a cloud of mystery hung over the death of a businessman in Bhubaneswar outskirts, Commissionerate Police have brought clarity with the arrest of a woman, Sunki Rana alias Soni, suspected to be his former lover. According to police, Rana confessed to committing the crime driven by a complex web of affection, rejection, and a past shrouded in tragedy.

Rana, once caretaker for the deceased, Biswajit Nayak alias Babu, allegedly harboured feelings for him that blossomed into an affair. However, Babu’s hesitation to commit to a future together fueled tensions.

Soni has a criminal history, having previously served a 12-year jail term for murdering her sister-in-law in Jharsuguda in 2005. After her release, she resided in a Puri ashram for the past three years. During this period, she encountered Babu’s mother and began assisting her, ultimately forming a connection with Babu.

Their relationship soured when Babu asked Soni to leave the ashram and live with him, an offer she declined. The situation escalated when Soni expressed her wish to marry Babu, and he rejected the proposal, leading to the tragic turn of events.

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