Educated Indian Youngsters More Likely To Be Unemployed Than Uneducated, Says ILO Report

New Delhi: Higher-educated youngsters in India are more likely to be unemployed than those without any education, stated a report of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The jobless rate for graduates was 29.1% in India while the unemployment rate of those who cannot read or write was 3.4% in India, said the new ILO report on India’s labour market. The unemployment rate for young people with secondary or higher education was 18.4%.

The ILO figures suggest a sharp mismatch between the skills of the labor force and the jobs being created in the market.

While the share of young unemployed Indians – aged 15-29 – dropped to 82.9% in 2022 from 88.6% in 2000, the share of educated youths climbed to 65.7% from 54.2% in the period, the ILO figures show.

Women accounted for 76.7% of the educated unemployed youths compared with 62.2% for men, the ILO figures show.

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