Profit-Sharing Prowl: ‘Animal’ Co-Producer Moves Court Seeking Stay On OTT Release

New Delhi: Cine 1 Studios, a co-producer of the Bollywood film ‘Animal’, has approached the Delhi High Court seeking a stay on its release across OTT platforms, digital streaming services and satellite broadcasts. The movie, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, premiered in theatres on December 1, 2023, and is scheduled for release on Netflix on January 26.

Cine 1 Studios alleges a breach of agreement, asserting that they have not received any payment, while the co-producer Super Cassettes Industries Pvt Ltd contends that ₹2.6 crore was indeed paid, a fact not disclosed to the court. During the court proceedings, Justice Sanjeev Narula reviewed documents indicating the payment, which the plaintiff’s counsel claimed to be unaware of.

The court has set January 18 as the next hearing date, ensuring the presence of the authorized signatory of Cine 1 Studios, Murad Khetani. Senior advocate Sandeep Sethi, representing Cine 1 Studios, stated that the plaintiff lacked information about the film’s revenue, box office collections, music, satellite, or internet rights.

Sethi asserted, “They have been collecting all the money, but I have not been paid a single penny,” emphasizing the breach of the profit-sharing agreement. The plaintiff alleges that Super Cassettes incurred expenses without approval, did not share revenue details, and failed to honour the profit-sharing agreement.

In response, senior advocate Amit Sibal, representing Super Cassettes, claimed that the plaintiff made no financial investment in the film, and all expenses were borne by his client. Sibal disclosed a document indicating that Cine 1 Studios relinquished its intellectual property rights for ₹2.6 crore, a fact allegedly concealed from the court.

He emphasized that Cine 1 Studios deleted the clause granting them 35% of intellectual property rights in the film in an amended agreement. Sibal argued that this critical information was withheld from the court, complicating the dispute.

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