Chiranjeevi Corrects Misleading Reports on Cancer Diagnosis, Issues Clarification

Hyderabad: Renowned actor Chiranjeevi recently expressed his disappointment with certain media reports that have caused unwarranted confusion regarding his health. He criticized these reports for misquoting his recent statements about undergoing a medical procedure to remove non-cancerous polyps. At the launch of a cancer care centre, the Telugu cinema star emphasized the importance of regular medical tests in preventing cancer.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday night, the 67-year-old actor clarified that some media organizations misunderstood him and published reports stating, “I had cancer and survived thanks to treatment.” Chiranjeevi clarified that he had actually mentioned the detection and removal of non-cancerous polyps. He emphasized the significance of early detection through tests and screenings, stating that if he hadn’t undergone the test, it could have turned out to be cancerous. He urged everyone to take precautions and prioritize medical screenings.

Chiranjeevi expressed his disappointment with media organizations that had published misleading articles without fully comprehending the subject matter. He referred to their reports as “nonsense” and highlighted the unnecessary confusion they had caused. Concerned well-wishers had been sending messages about his health, prompting him to issue this clarification. He also appealed to journalists, urging them not to write uninformed articles that could unnecessarily frighten and hurt people.

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