One Thing Common to Gadar 2 & Pathan, Villain Manish Wadhwa

Mumbai: Actor Manish Wadhwa is the only connecting link between two major blockbusters, Gadar 2 and Pathan. Manish Wadhwa played a Pakistani general in both these major hits of this year.

Manish said, “The universe is writing its own screenplay; it was in my fate to be associated with these two megahits.”

Playing Pakistani generals in one film after another was a challenge for the actor. General Qadir in Pathaan is a 2023 Instagram-savvy baddie; Major General Hamid Iqbal in Gadar 2 is a man frozen in the 70s.

Manish’s father, an ex-Air Force officer, left Ambala and moved to Mumbai to make it big in films. He has a few serials, and a film, as a director to his credit.

Manish chose acting. He’s known for his roles of Chanakya in Chandragupta Maurya, Kans in Paramavatar Shri Krishna, Amal Nanda/Dansh in Hero – Gayab Mode On.

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