Rakhi’ Sawant’s Ex-Husband Adil Khan Weds Big Boss 12 Contestant

Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant’s former husband Adil Khan Durrani got married to Bigg Boss 12 contestant Somi Khan on March 3.

Adil announced his marriage by sharing pictures from his wedding on social media.

Adil Khan Durrani wrote, “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. We are overjoyed to announce that by the grace of Allah, we have solemnized our Nikkah in a simple and beautiful ceremony. Alhumdullilaah, we are thankful for this blessing and we appreciate our families and friends for their love and support. We are eager to begin our new journey together as husband and wife. Please remember us in your prayers for a blessed married life. JazakAllah Khair. Adil Khan Durrani-Somi Adil Khan. 03.03.2024.”

In January 2023, actress Rakhi Sawant announced her marriage with Adil Khan Durrani revealing that the two got married on May 29, 2022.

But after some days, Rakhi Sawant accused Adil Khan Durrani of domestic violence and having an extramarital affair. On February 7, 2023, Mumbai Police arrested Adil after Rakhi filed an FIR against him, accusing him of mishandling her funds. He spent five months in jail.

Adil alleged that Rakhi cheated on him and lied to him about getting divorced from her previous husband, Ritesh Singh. In March 2023, Rakhi informed that she and Adil are getting divorced.

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