AIIMS Delhi, DRDO Team Up to Develop Special Exoskeleton To Help Paralysed Patients Walk

New Delhi: AIIMS Delhi and DRDO have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at developing an innovative exoskeleton to assist injured soldiers who have lost mobility due to service-related injuries. This specialized exoskeleton holds promise in restoring mobility and enabling walking for individuals who are paralyzed or have difficulty moving.

Professor Bhavuk Garg, from AIIMS Orthopaedics Department, highlighted their pioneering gait lab, which is instrumental in gathering crucial data on muscle activation patterns during walking. This data will be utilized to design and integrate the exoskeleton, effectively aiding paralytic individuals to walk again.

Head of the Orthopaedic Department, Professor Ravi Mittal, explained the meticulous process involved in the gait lab study, where movements of various body parts are recorded and analyzed to understand differences between healthy and impaired gaits. This comprehensive study has been ongoing at AIIMS Delhi for five years, facilitating advancements in treating conditions like osteoarthritis.

The exoskeleton envisioned as a plastic and metal structure, is poised to revolutionize mobility assistance for those with mobility impairments. Collaborating closely with IIT Delhi and supported by DRDO funding, the project aims to develop a wearable robot that mimics the natural gait of a healthy individual.

Dr. Garg emphasized the transformative impact of the exoskeleton, enabling patients with paralysis or mobility issues to perform daily tasks independently. Currently in the data collection phase, the project anticipates completion within two to three years, offering a lifeline to individuals facing mobility challenges.

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