Are you completely fit? Know how to do this inside the house

Food quality has become weak and lifestyle is deteriorating. Due to which maintaining fitness has become very difficult. Due to poor fitness, symptoms like physical pain, lack of sleep, weak immunity and mental problems start appearing. But is your body fit? Through these easy tests, you can check your fitness level.

You can do simple tests at home to know your fitness level. Failure in these tests can also be seen as a symptom of poor fitness.

  • Climb the stairs-Climbing the stairs is a very light exercise and activity. While doing this, you should not get breathless. Therefore, to know your fitness, you must climb the stairs in the house. If you are not breathing normally while climbing stairs, then your fitness level is poor.
  • Do push-ups-Like climbing stairs, push-ups is also a basic movement, which a normal fit person can do comfortable. But if you are not able to do even 2 push-ups at home, then it could be symptom of poor fitness.
  • Squat-Push-up tells about the fitness and strength of your upper body and with squat you can check about the fitness and strength of lower body. So try doing squats at home. If you are not able to do squats properly, then your fitness is very bad.

Apart from this, the last way to check fitness level is by running. If you are not able to run even 1.5 km without stopping, then it can be a warning sign of fitness.

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