Banana milk-shake can be a Health Detroiter

We do many things to keep our self fit in the modern lifestyle. Also, we include different types of food in our diet. Then we include some foods in our diet which are harmful to our health. However, most of the people believe that drinking banana milk shake makes slim people gain weight.

So let’s find out how beneficial this banana milk-shake is.

We have highlighted some foods that are proven to be harmful to our health. One of them is Banana Milk-shake. Often gym instructors (trainers) advice skinny kids to include banana milk-shake in their diet. Similarly, people prefer banana-milk shakes more than other shakes during summer. However, few people know that eating banana and milk together has a very bad effect on the body. Now let’s know what bad effects banana milk-shake has on the body.

Banana milk-shake bad effects on brain: Ayurveda is the most powerful science of our India. In which cure to end many diseases of the world is said. However, according to Ayurveda, fiber content is high in banana, while calcium content is high in milk. That is why banana and milk are not eaten together. Drinking it has a profound effect on our hormones.

Harms to pregnant women: After pregnancy, women are forbidden to eat certain things to protect their child. In such a situation, banana and milk should not be eaten for good care of children. Because eating it increases the amount of toxins in the body. It also increases the risk of many diseases. That’s why it has profound effects on the child. So banana milk-shake is harmful to body.

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