Connection of periods with corona vaccine: Research claims- fully vaccinated people are more prone to bleeding during menstruation

Many women around the world have seen unusual side-effects after getting the vaccine against corona. These changes have come in their period cycle. According to a new research published in the Journal Science Advances, 42% of people have experienced more bleeding during menstruation after the vaccine.

In this three-month research, 39,000 adults were involved. All of them had taken two does of the vaccine and none of them had got corona infection. Researchers asked them to pay attention to changes related to menstruation such as period flow, cycle duration, bleeding duration and normal symptoms.

Scientists found that 42% of women, who used to have regular periods earlier, started bleeding more than before. At the same time, there were 44% women whose period flow didn’t change. There were only a few women whose period flow was less than before.

According to the Researchers, it was surprising that participants who has stopped having periods (menopause) or who were using hormones or drugs to stop menstruation, they also started bleeding after getting the corona vaccine.

Researchers Katherine Lee and Kate Clancy, who were involved in the research, said that unusual problems in menstruation due to vaccine can increase people’s anxiety. Due to this they may have to face physical pain as well as mental problems.

Lee says that the changes in menstruation are not very dangerous, but it still important to pay attention to these experiences to build trust on any medicine. On the other hand, Victoria Mail, a researcher of a research published in British Medical Journal in 2021, says that in future research on any treatment, the aspect of its effects on menstruation should also be examined.

According to report of Science Alert, in 1913, a research was found that the typhoid vaccine can cause irregular periods. These include early or late periods, missing periods, and excessive bleeding. In addition, the hepatitis B and cervical cancer vaccines can also affect menstruation in some people.


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