Consuming these oils can cause cancer: Be careful from today

New Delhi: Many people in India are suffering from cancer. For many people, this disease is fatal because they cannot detect its symptoms in the early stages. There are many causes of cancer, but did you know that the main cause is your unhealthy eating habits. First of all, you need to see how healthy the oil you are consuming is.

Indian delicacies cannot be imagined without the use of oil, but if you use too much cooking oil, it can be fatal for the body. Foods heated at high temperatures destabilize the body’s pH levels, which can lead to belly fat, indigestion gas, and constipation.

Many studies have shown that if the diet is high in saturated fat or if we use too much vegetable oil, this is a very dangerous approach. Remove such cooking oil from your kitchen immediately, otherwise it can cause cancer.

Stay away from these oils:-

Sunflower, soybean, and palm oils, when heated too much, begin to release aldehyde chemicals, which are cancer-causing compounds. Because of this, cancer cells start to form in the body. Therefore, the use of this oil should be stopped immediately.

Some cooking oils are high in polyunsaturated fats. If it is heated in high temperature, it starts breaking down into aldehyde. A study conducted at the University of Dimonfort found that some oils contained 2000 times the daily limit of aldehydes.

What oil to use?

There are certain oils that can be used to reduce the risk of cancer, including ghee, white butter, and olive oil. Aldehydes break down less when this oil is heated. So try to avoid eating oily food, as doing so can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart-related diseases, including cancer.

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