Toll Free system to be implemented in all junior colleges of the state, a new initiative of the Public Education Department

Bhubaneswar (Odisha Bhaskar): Already there is a toll free system in the state from 1st to 8th class. Through this system, the government is informed about the activities of the teachers in the schools along with the teaching system and other issues. Due to this system, many schools in the state have seen significant changes. Now the school efforts and mathematics department has started efforts to implement it in all junior colleges.

Now a special toll free number will be implemented in all the junior colleges of the state. With this, children can directly complain to the department about all problems starting from teaching issues of the college. Children may complain about the length of class per day, the quality of teaching, chaos, etc.

Landline phone connection with toll free number will also be provided in Junior college. Arrangements will be made to send messages to the child’s mobile to avail this facility. This phone will be in the college president’s room. The students who have a complaint can report their complaint to department through the toll free number by writing to the chairman. Due to the implementation of this system, the students can give directly to the department about the teaching system of the college, the teachers, the teaching of the teachers.

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