Diabetic patients must consume gooseberry Chokha (आंवले के चोखे), you will get amazing benefits

Amla is beneficial for health in many ways, from hair to boosting immunity. But do you know that there are many benefits of eating amla in diabetes, Consuming amla in diabetes keeps your blood balanced and helps prevent sudden spikes in it. Also, it corrects the metabolism of diabetic patients and helps in improving the functioning of other organs of the body.

But today we will not talk about eating whole gooseberry in diabetes, but will talk about eating gooseberry Chokha. Yes, we will tell you the benefits you can get from eating gooseberry are and how you can include it in diet? Let’s know.

Amla Chokha recipe-

To make gooseberry chokha, first you have to boil 7 to 8 gooseberry and keep it. Now take out the seeds of these gooseberries when they cool down. After this, heat 4 to 5 garlic buds and 1 to 2 green chilies on the pan and keep it crushed. Now mash the boiled gooseberry and add crushed garlic and green chilies to it and add a teaspoon of mustard oil to it. After this add salt and coriander leaves to it. Mix all and serve.

Benefits of eating gooseberry in diabetes-

  1. Keeps eyes healthy: Diabetes damages the health of the eyes very fast. In such a situation, eating fresh gooseberry regularly can reduce the effect of diabetes on the eyes. On the other hand, Amla is rich in Vitamin A which is essential for improving eye health.
  2. Keeps Stomach healthy in diabetes: Amla peel is rich in fiber which also protects you from stomach related diseases in diabetes. By eating it regularly, your metabolism remains fine and there is no problem of constipation in diabetes.



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