Get instant treatment for stomach related problems, try these effective home remedies

Problems related to the digestive system are very common in Indian homes. Diseases like gas, constipation and acidity are due to our diet and deteriorating lifestyle. There can be many reasons for diseases related to the digestive system, when we eat oily spiced food more than the limit, eating sour and spicy food gives us sour belching, along with this, if you do not sleep on time, drink less water. We do not exercise and most importantly, if our stomach is not cleared for 3-4 days then these problems surround us.

We can treat all these problems at home; Indian people are very famous for treating their minor ailments at home. From increasing immunity to sore throat, the solution to every problem is found in the prescriptions of our grandmothers. Recently, the corona virus epidemic had created panic all over the world; people were being advised to consume immunity-boosting things. In such a situation, turmeric milk and decoction took the lead. Every problem is solved in home remedies, just like there are many remedies to deal with stomach related problems. Let us know which are those recipes?

Ginger, Cardamom and Fennel: –

Ginger is used to relieve gas and is an effective remedy for indigestion.

Method: Take one spoon ground ginger, one spoon cardamom and fennel. Mix all the ingredients together and add this mixture to a cup of water. Also add a pinch of asafetida in the water. Drink this solution twice a day. Gas formation in the stomach will be relieved and you can also chew a piece of ginger to help in proper digestion.

Black Pepper, Cumin and Garlic: –

Garlic is a good option to treat gas problem. It has healing properties that help in proper digestion. Do not forget to include garlic in your diet to prevent gas formation.

Method: Take a cup of water and boil it. Now take a few cloves of garlic and grind it. Add grated garlic to the water. Add some black peppercorns and cumin seeds. Let it boil for few minutes and then switch off the gas. Filter it and let it cool, drink it thrice a day.

Ajwain: –

Ajwain proves to be very effective in treating stomach problems. The thymol present in oregano triggers the secretion of gastric juice, which helps in proper digestion of food.

Method: Take half a teaspoon of carom seeds and swallow it with a cup of water. Do this once a day to get relief from gas.

Buttermilk: –

Buttermilk is a great remedy for stomach related problems and it will calm your stomach.

Method: Take a glass of buttermilk and add a pinch of black salt and ground carom seeds to it. Mixing it well and drinking it once or twice a day provides relief from gas problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Water: –

Apple cider vinegar treats gas and calms the stomach. It is recommended to use apple cider vinegar for the remedy but if you do not have it, you can use ordinary vinegar.

Method: Take a glass of warm water and add two spoons of apple cider vinegar to it. Drink it once a day.

Lemonade: –

Lemon helps in digestion as it contains acid which triggers the formation of hydrochloric acid. Lemon is also effective in treating gas and bloating.

Method: Take a glass of warm water and add about two tablespoons of lemon juice to it. You can also add slices of three lemons instead of lemon juice. Mix it and drink this lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning.


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