Doctors Perform Rare Surgery to Remove Coin Stuck in 12-Yr-Old Boy’s Throat for 7 Years

Hardoi (UP): In an exceptional medical case, doctors at the district hospital successfully removed a coin from a 12-year-old boy’s throat. The coin, lodged there for seven years since the boy swallowed it at age five, presented a complex surgical challenge.

Dr. Vivek Singh, an ENT surgeon, led the team that performed the surgery using a telescopic technique. X-rays revealed the coin stuck to the side of the boy’s oesophagus, showing signs of blackening. Remarkably, the boy hadn’t experienced significant problems despite the coin’s presence. However, he had been diagnosed with jaundice a month prior.

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“This is an extremely rare case,” Dr. Singh said in an interview. “The coin’s presence for seven years not only impacted the boy’s growth but also affected his overall physical development.”

The doctor elaborated on the potential complications, including infections and the possibility of future issues arising even after the successful coin removal. The family has been advised to undergo regular checkups to monitor the boy’s recovery.

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