Stray Dog Menace: 1.5 lakh People Bitten by Dogs in 9 Months in Punjab

Chandigarh: Around 1.46 lakh people were bitten by stray dogs in Punjab, states the statistics of the Punjab government’s health department.

The official information shows that at least 550 dog bite cases are recorded each day in Punjab, hinting at the rising stray dog menace in the state. The Punjab Health Department’s statistics states that from January to September, 1.46 lakh dog bite incidents were registered in Punjab.

Punjab has recorded over seven lakh cases of dog bites during the past five years. The number will be higher as the government data did not include individuals who did not seek care at all or those who received treatment in private clinics and hospitals.

The number of dog bite cases in Punjab has increased by over 70% during the past five years.

The 20th Livestock Census of 2019 stated that there are more than 2.90 lakh stray dogs in Punjab.

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